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About Us

About Us

Why AfriScienceNet exists

Africa Science Information Access Network is setup with the aim of developing a database for research equipment that is available in Africa for access or use by researchers. Although resources are not enough, there exist capable research facilities in Africa that are in use.

Most of the facilities are managed by qualified and experienced staffs that support researchers to get good results. It is also true that some researchers do not have access to good facilities for research; even when what they need is not far from them.

There is therefore the need to create a platform that will serve as a one stop shop for researchers and other high tech service users thus enabling users to know where they should go for whatever kind of research they are carrying out.

The platform will help connect researchers of common interest and it will give graduate students an idea of what capabilities that exist in their research area. Though targeting academic research, the uses of this network will evolve with time.

Aims and Objectives