NMReady 60 PRO

NMReady 60 PRO support for proton, fluorine, phosphorus, boron, lithium, and carbon nuclei, a sub 1 Hz resolution, hetero-nuclear 2D experiments, and a sensitivity of 100:1 (single scan, 1% EtB)

FT – IR Research Spectrometer Invenio

FT – IR Research Spectrometer INVENIO is a machine with the following applications; Research & Development Time-resolved spectroscopy FT-IR spectroelectrochemistry Low temperature experiments FT-IR microscopy and imaging In-situ reaction monitoring Amplitude modulation (AM) spectroscopy Pharmaceuticals & Life Science Assess stability and volatile content of medical drug products Differentiate between polymorphs of active pharmaceutical ingredients Protein […]

SCION 456-GC (Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrophotometer)

SCION gas chromatographs are designed to support detailed and constant analysis of intermediates, the final drug product and its packing material. A range of GC solutions are available for residual solvents (RS), extractables and leachables (E/L) and organic volatile impurities (OVI) identification and quantification in pharmaceutical drug substances, excipients and products.

PA 800Plus (Pharmaceutical Analysis System)

The PA 800 Plus is a robust analytical platform that can help you with: Monoclonal Antibody Applications Purity/Heterogeneity with Gold Standard CE-SDS in minutes Glycan Analysis with award-winning Fast Glycan Technology Charge Heterogeneity with fast and simple CZE or with hi-res cIEF Peptides and Proteins beyond mAbs Cell and Gene Therapy Applications Capsid Proteins Purity […]